Experience suggests that all too often, a nonprofit has considered a new direction, idea, or audience that might be served, but lacks the bandwidth to pursue that initiative. The purpose of the Bandwidth Creation Fund is to provide grants for nonprofit organizations in Palm Beach County to serve their communities more effectively by piloting a new program or initiative.


Each grant should enable the recipient to take on a new initiative, or to consider the further development of an existing program, to create yet more value for those served. At the end of the grant period, each recipient should be better positioned to access larger sources of capital to fund their project at a larger scale. 

We envision that these grants will allow recipient organizations to work more effectively and to think beyond their present boundaries. Here are some examples of applications that would be successful: 

  • Pilot a new program: Your existing client base consistently asks for services that you are not currently offering, and you believe that offering these services would deepen the impact of existing programming. 
  • Expanding the scope of an existing program: You suspect that if you had the resources to serve clients for 3 to 6 months after they have traditionally graduated from your program, your long-term outcomes would improve. You need a budget to pilot this extension of your existing program.


Grantees should:

  1. Be physically located in and providing services in Palm Beach County, Florida
  2. Demonstrate that they will use the funding to pilot a new initiative that falls outside of the scope of their current operating budget
  3. Have a healthy operating budget and ability/willingness to expand based on the outcome of the grant
  4. Tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code
  5. If requested, ability to submit 2 letters of recommendation from community partners
  6. If requested, be willing to host site visits and provide detailed budgets to support the grant application.

We are currently accepting applications for Bandwidth Creation grants. Get in touch if you have questions, or else apply here. 


Grants up to $40,000 will be made and they may be renewed for three years on a case-by-case basis based on the ability of the organization to meet mutually agreed-upon benchmarks.