The Fledgling Fund is a small private foundation founded in 2005 to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. We have primarily worked in the area of media, especially in social issue documentary film. In 2023 we began making capacity-building grants to a small group of local nonprofits providing direct services and programs.


For 15 years, Fledgling focused on the social impact of the projects we supported and our impact on the field.  With a small staff, we supported over 400 projects and put over 14 million dollars into the field. We are proud to look at the range of issues our grantees have addressed and the important work that has been done to engage audiences and support movements.  

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In 2023, we began making grants to small, geographically focused nonprofits.  These grants aim to help each grantee more effectively serve vulnerable populations as well as hit inflection points that will allow them to access larger sources of capital. 

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