Written by, Sheila Leddy

We recently received a question from someone working on climate change, who was interested in any research we might know of on how to frame communication and messaging around that issue for a Catholic audience. Off the top of my head, none came to mind. So I reached out to a friend who referred me to the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. According to their website, here is what the project does:
  • Conducts research on public climate knowledge, risk perceptions, decision-making and behavior;
  • Designs and tests new strategies to engage the public in climate science and solutions;
  • Empowers educators and communicators with the knowledge and tools to more effectively engage their audiences
If you’re working on a project around climate change and thinking about how to frame your message and engage target audiences, the research, analysis and reports found on this site could be incredibly valuable. For example, The “Climate Change in the American Mind Project” is an ongoing project that “1) investigates, explains, and tracks public understanding of the causes, consequences, and solutions to climate change, support for climate policies, and the current barriers to action, and 2) designs and tests new strategies to engage the public in climate science and solutions.” They are also looking at these issues geographically and at the state level. And, yes, they also have resources and reports on how people of different faiths think about climate change!

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