We want to share some changes we have planned for 2020.   

Historically, Fledgling has supported individual projects through an open application process.  We also have supported field building initiatives as a way to strengthen the ecosystem of support and to build the capacity of filmmakers and other stakeholders to effectively use documentary film as a vehicle for social change.  Going forward, Fledgling will focus on deeper collaborations with partners supporting impact and engagement and move away from individual project support. This means that we will not reopen our rolling application process, but instead work through other organizations to support documentary film impact work.  The review process is simply too resource intensive when balanced against the number of projects that we have the resources to support. It also means that we will not do another Fledging Engagement Lab in 2020.

These changes are driven by the evolution of the social issue documentary field and an internal assessment of how, as a small foundation, Fledgling can leverage its limited resources most effectively to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.  We continue to strongly believe in the power of nonfiction storytelling to advance social change, but we also recognize that the field is shifting and the broader political and media environment required us to step back and assess what we do and how we do it. The issues are too urgent and resources are limited.

As we look to 2020, we are excited to support our new and existing film grantees with both financial and strategic support.  We know these stories are important and necessary, particularly in this moment.  We also will continue to work in partnership with allies in the space.   We continue to be guided by the belief that films and stories have incredible power to shift hearts and minds and to mobilize and connect us all in the pursuit of justice. 

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