Written by Sharan Sklar, ITVS

Eight Fledgling Fund grantees came together online the other day to learn about an easy way to reach, connect, and engage audiences in timely issues through film. That “way” is the new digital platform, OVEE, created by Independent Television Service (ITVS) with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. ​​ Within public media, it’s on us to give people access to social-issue content–and the deep conversations it ignites. These days, that means reaching them on the ground and online. We know from the experience of 1000 + screening events with 110+ partners to date that OVEE replicates and scales a live event, working to:
  • Evaluate media impact
  • Strengthen partnerships among media makers, NGOs, and public media
  • Develop and target new audiences, including digital natives
  • Present films for rough-cut screenings, international sales, and crowd funding rewards
  • Promote tune-in to a television broadcast
  • Integrate live and online events to maximize audiences and resources
  • Provide unprecedented access to thought leaders
  • Train and develop teachers
It is so exciting and challenging to try to find creative ways to reach and engage people—and give them the tools to inspire change. Check out the video for a look at OVEE (so far):–

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