This Private Violence Impact Story was created by filmmakers Cynthia Hill and Un Kyong Ho as part of the Fledgling Engagement Lab. It is a shareable visual story about how the film impacted different segments of the community working to end domestic violence.  

Changing the Conversation Around Domestic Violence. Supporting a Movement.

The goal of the Private Violence impact campaign is to make women and children safer in their own homes by empowering a cultural shift in how we think and act around domestic violence and by encouraging collective responsibility. We want to shift the conversation from a private story to a public story. From a story of personal response to a story of community-based response. From a victim blaming culture to a culture that raises consciousness. From an issue marred by stereotypes and shaming to an issue recognized by courage and support. From a “women’s issue” to an issue that integrates men and encourages male accountability and support. From a culture that asks, “why doesn’t she just leave?” to a culture that says, “you are not alone; there is help for you, your children and him.” To find out more about our film’s impact story, click on the blue dots along the map.