“I can’t imagine creating an outreach and engagement plan without the Lab. It was integral to the architecture of our plan.”

– Fledgling Engagement Lab Participant

  In October, we wrapped up our first Fledgling Engagement Lab.  The Lab brought eight social issue documentary film teams together along with experts and mentors to design and implement effective outreach and engagement strategies.  After 18 months of programming, we are incredibly proud of the results.  The Lab included two residencies, monthly and semi-monthly video calls, extensive online sharing and support and informal collaborations among projects. The participating film teams have formed a supportive network to break down some of the isolation involved with independent filmmaking.  Most importantly, participants reported that the Lab better prepared them to achieve impact with their films.   Here are some of the results of the participant survey we conducted at the end of the Lab.
  • 100% of participants rated the Engagement Lab as “Excellent” and all said that they would recommend  it to their peers.
  • 100% of participants said that the final Engagement Lab Residency was “Impactful” or “Very Impactful” on their ability to learn from their peers and 92% said it was “Impactful” or “Very Impactful” on their ability to build relationships with their peers.
  • 92% of participants said that they felt “Much More” prepared to launch and execute their outreach and engagement campaigns.
So much wisdom was generated and shared within the structure of the Engagement Lab and we are excited to begin sharing that wisdom with the field through this blog in 2016. Stay tuned for the announcement about how to apply to our next Lab in January.  Learn more about the Lab ad the participating projects here.

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