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An OVEE Introduction

Written by Sharan Sklar, ITVS: Eight Fledgling Fund grantees came together online the other day to learn about an easy way to reach, connect, and engage audiences in timely issues through film. That “way” is the new digital platform, OVEE, created by Independent Television Service (ITVS) with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.…


It’s All In The Timing: How One Filmmaker Had To Wait For Funders To Catch Up

Written by Jonathan Skurnik, Filmmaker: I’ve been working on a series of short films on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming youth since 2010. The series is called the Youth and Gender Media Project, and its purpose is to help schools and school districts create inclusive environments for transgender and gender nonconforming youth.…


Setting A Course For Impact Analysis in 5 Steps

Written by Lindsay Green-Barber, The Center for Investigative Reporting: If there is one overarching lesson that we at The Center for Investigative Reporting have learned over the past two years of impact measurement and analysis, it is this: There is no unitary metric for media impact.  …


Viewer & Educational Guide Tips

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: Fledgling’s Engagement Lab members recently had an online conversation about viewers guides. What works? What is the right length? Who should contribute? One Lab member recently completed a 130-page guide with the support of their non-profit partners and is feeling overwhelmed by the depth of the content. Here are a few quick tips that other Lab members offered……


TED Embraces the Power Of Story

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: StoryCorps Founder Dave Isay inspired on the TED stage this year by sharing his vision for the future of democratized storytelling.  His TED talk and TED Prize wish are another sign that the intersection of story and impact will continue to expand.  And we love it.…


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