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Fledgling Announces Six Outreach and Engagement Grants

We are excited to announce the following outreach and engagement grants.  Each of these projects has great potential to impact key issues that affect health, including global health policy, caregiving, economic security,…


Where to Start When You Start Thinking About Impact

By Sahar Driver, Impact Producer: (This post was taken from Sahar’s wonderful blog, found here.) The impact producing space has grown dramatically in the last few years. People are catching…


Great Read About The Elements of Impact From Caty Borum Chattoo

Fledgling friend and Engagement Lab Advisor Caty Borum Chattoo has recently published this great article about the six elements of the Blackfish outreach campaign that led to social impact:  Amplified Community…


Fledgling Completes First Engagement Lab

In October, we wrapped up our first Fledgling Engagement Lab. The Lab brought eight social issue documentary film teams together along with experts and mentors to design and implement effective outreach and engagement strategies. After 18 months of programming, we are incredibly proud of the results.…


Viewer & Educational Guide Tips

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: Fledgling’s Engagement Lab members recently had an online conversation about viewers guides. What works? What is the right length? Who should contribute? One Lab member recently completed a 130-page guide with the support of their non-profit partners and is feeling overwhelmed by the depth of the content. Here are a few quick tips that other Lab members offered……


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