Emerging and small mission-driven organizations are often held back from hitting key inflection points by a basic lack of resources. This might mean anything from a couple of missing, critical hires to systems for tracking and measuring impact. Fledgling’s capacity-building grants provide unrestricted funding for small, geographically-focused organizations to help them expand their offerings and hit inflection points so that they can access larger funding sources.


The purpose of the Bandwidth Creation Fund is to provide grants for nonprofit organizations in Palm Beach County to serve their communities more effectively. Experience suggests that all too often, a nonprofit has considered a new direction, a new idea, or a new audience that might be served, but is lacking the bandwidth to pursue that initiative. The goal of this fund is to improve that bandwidth so that vulnerable populations can benefit.

We are currently accepting applications for Bandwidth Creation grants. Get in touch if you have questions, or else apply here. 


On a case-by-case basis, capacity-building grants may be made to organizations that would clearly benefit from strengthening their existing operations instead of piloting new initiatives. This may include technology development, software purchases, accounting, or administrative support.