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Insurgent Principles

Written by Emily Verellen Strom Another lesson I took away from my recent trip to The Redford Center‘s retreat was about “Insurgent Strategy”, from a talk given by Scott Miller,…



Written by Emily Verellen Strom: Last week, I attended a Summit hosted by The Reford Center at the Sundance Resort. One of the goals of the Summit was to think about messaging around climate change and how to build a successful outreach and engagement campaign for a climate-focused documentary.…


Provider Directory

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: We get a lot of questions about how to build the right team for outreach and engagement. There are so many factors that play into those decisions – budget, timing, location, film subject, distribution plans, for example.…


What’s The Deal With Tugg

WATCH VIDEO: Yesterday we hosted a video call with our grantees to meet some of the team behind Tugg – a web-platform that lets audiences bring the movies they want to their local theater or non-theatrical venue. We recorded the call so you could see it too.…


Document Your Classroom Experience

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: So many documentary films are perfect for an enriching classroom experience. Teachers can bring new ideas, perspectives and knowledge into their classrooms through these films.…


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