Congratulations to the following new Fledgling outreach grantees:   Bending the Arc Directed by Kief Davidson and Pedro Kos As the poorest nations battled intractable diseases, a group of unstoppable health advocates took on a seemingly impossible mission: global health equity. In 1980s Haiti, in a remote region devastated first by tuberculosis and later by AIDS, Harvard medical student Paul Farmer, idealistic physician Jim Yong Kim, and activist Ophelia Dahl successfully raised funding and opened a clinic—but their patients weren’t surviving after returning home from treatment. The team eventually realized that clinical treatment wasn’t enough; they needed to radically change the way they interacted with the community. Through dramatically increased cultural sensitivity, pointed listening skills, local partnerships, and home visits, prognoses improved mightily, and the revolutionary Partners In Health was born.  The film follows their dramatic success.  Fledgling’s Diana Barrett is an executive producer on the film and we have been involved in the shaping of the film’s impact strategy.   >>Fledgling provided $10,000 to support the film’s launch at Sundance   HOME TRUTH Directed by Katia Maguire and April Hayes When Jessica Gonzales’ three young daughters are abducted by her estranged husband in violation of a domestic violence restraining order, she repeatedly calls the police, but they dismiss her calls for help, and by the next morning her three girls have been killed. Devastated, Jessica files a lawsuit against the police for not enforcing her restraining order, and pursues it to the United States Supreme Court and an international human rights tribunal. Battling trauma and grief, and at the expense of her relationship with her one living child, her son Jessie, Jessica turns her private tragedy public in an attempt to change the system, save countless lives, and ensure that her daughters did not die in vain.   >>Fledging committed $15K for outreach and engagement.   A BETTER MAN Directed by Attiya Khan 22 years ago, a teenaged girl ran through the streets — battered, bruised and frightened for her life. Today she sits in a cafe with the man she fought to escape. As a counselor and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, Attiya wants to know if her ex-boyfriend’s accountability can lead them through a process of recovery and healing. The anger she once felt toward her ex-boyfriend gave way to a desire to understand the reasons behind his behavior. For his part, her ex-boyfriend was still struggling with what he’d done and with the person he used to be. So when Attiya asked him to sit down and talk on camera about their shared history of domestic violence, he agreed.     >>Fledging committed $25K for outreach and engagement.  A Better Man is a member of the Fledgling Engagement Lab.

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